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Our Vision

Doug Allen, CD, SEP, MSW

Life is only as good as the Tools and the Team you have to make it with!

Stress is fundamental to our existence. It is ultimately responsible for everything we do; from getting up and having our morning shower, to communicating with friends and family, navigating the roads on the way to work or the grocery store, and even playing with our children or cozying up on the couch with a good book.. Stress is quite simply the motivator for action; Good or bad.

What every living thing has to regulate stress is a nervous system. It is so important in us that it reacts long before our thinking brain comes on line. In fact, it is what cues our thinking brain to pay attention. It is where actions, behaviours, emotions, feelings and ideas start from. It informs and influences our life without us even knowing it.

We can harness our nervous systems for peak performance, which many professions train for, but we can also train them for rest and repair, which is often left behind. When this happens, you’re in need of Nervous System Recalibration! Learning this when you’re well will help keep you there! Learning it when you’re injured will help get you there!

The AGTTC team firmly believes that Trauma and conditions like PTSD are not life -long sentences, but injuries that need the right tools, the right team, and the right amount of time to heal. We also know that healing does NOT occur in isolation, so being able to connect as a group the RIGHT way is critical, but all too often poorly executed. Like a broken bone, Trauma recovery has the ability to make the person stronger. Post Traumatic Growth is real and is accessible to everyone. But it takes the right community to provide the tools, create a culture where it is acceptable to use them, and afford the time it takes for self-care and healing.

Our vision is to help create this community for work, home, and community.  —

Doug Allen, CD, SEP, MSW

Director, Lead Facilitator

Atlantic Group and Trauma Training Center

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