Our Vision

Doug Allen, CD, SEP, MSW

Life is only as good as the Tools and Team you have to make it with!

Stress is fundamental to our existence. It is ultimately responsible for everything we do; from getting up and having our morning shower, to communicating with friends and family, navigating the roads on the way to work or the grocery store, and even playing with our children or cozying up on the couch with a good book.. Stress is quite simply the motivator for action; Good or bad.

What every living thing has to regulate stress is a nervous system. It is so important in us that it reacts long before our thinking brain comes on line. In fact, it is what cues our thinking brain to pay attention. It is where actions, behaviours, emotions, feelings and ideas start from. It informs and influences our life without us even knowing it.

We can harness our nervous systems for peek performance, which many professions train for. But we can also train them for rest and repair, which is often left behind. When this happens, you’re in need of Nervous System Recalibration! Learning this when you’re well will help keep you there! Learning it when you’re injured will help get you there!

The AGTTC team firmly believes that Trauma and conditions like PTSD are not life -long sentences, but injuries that need the right tools, the right team, and the right amount of time to heal. We also know that healing does NOT occur in isolation, so being able to connect as a group the RIGHT way is critical, but all too often poorly executed. Like a broken bone, Trauma recovery has the ability to make the person stronger. Post Traumatic Growth is real and is accessible to everyone. But it takes the right community to provide the tools, create a culture where it is acceptable to use them, and afford the time it takes for self-care and healing.

Our vision is to help create this community for work, home, and community.  —

Doug Allen, CD, SEP, MSW

Director, Lead Facilitator

Atlantic Group and Trauma Training Center



Doug Allen , CD, SEP, MSW

Director, Lead Facilitator

Doug Allen, CD, SEP, MSW, works as a Trauma Therapist and specializes in the Nervous System. His experience in trauma started off during his 20-year career in the Canadian Armed Forces Infantry. He has personal experience with peacetime and combat operations. His formal trauma training background is Somatic Experiencing and Therapeutic Enactment, for which he now takes on a mentorship role. He has been developing and facilitating mental health and resiliency programs for the military while serving, and for veterans and their spouses after retiring in 2015. Together he has accumulated over 10 years of specific trauma and resiliency training and program development. He has worked with and learned from some of the best therapists working with veterans today, both in Canada and the US. His primary focus is trauma and Group process facilitation.


Peer Coordinator 

Derrick. Lang is a Canadian Forces Veteran, and a currently serving Firefighter. He has over 30 years of operational and lived experience that he brings to the table. His experience working  as a Firefighter has also led him to work along side Law Enforcement and Paramedics. He is 25 years sober and an active Sober Coach. He is also connected  with the  LGBTQ community. There is simply no better person more capable to meet any peer where they need to be met



Brock Caldwell, MEd, RCT, CCC is a senior counsellor at the Bridges Institute in Truro Nova Scotia, where he specializes in domestic violence and the effects of lifelong trauma. He is also a facilitator for group-based retreats with the Veterans Transition Network, where he works with veterans suffering from operational stress injuries. Brock focuses on balancing the mind / body system through Narrative, Psychodynamic, and body-based Somatic approaches. He practices what he preaches as he continuously strives to enrich his own life through deeper connection to his nervous system, which greater connects him to himself, his family and the world around him.

Program Manager

Emily has spent a lifetime connecting her mind and body through her health and fitness lifestyle. With her passion for understanding the mechanics of the human body, she achieved a degree in Kinesiology and started her career as a personal trainer. Emily then took some time to experience motherhood, and worked as the  office manager of a psychological clinic, where her passion for self improvement and genuine desire to help gave a sense of safety and trust to the clients. She too has taken the path of self exploration and is enrolled at Acadia University to complete her Clinical Psychology degree.