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What Our Clients Are Saying

Gary F. - 36 year RCMP Sgt (Ret) Veteran

“Doug is a proud Canadian veteran with combat experience and understands the ultra high stress situations faced by military and law enforcement. He also understand the total weight of our experiences.”

Jordan K. - Advanced Care Paramedic, NS

“The basic building blocks I needed in my recovery are what I initially learned from Doug. Thank you for teaching me how to breathe.”

Bernard G. - R Psych, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, NB

“Because Doug is an experienced combat veteran who has acquired complex and advanced education and specialized training, he is a unique resource for veterans, first responders, and all members of the general public.”

Derek S. - 22 years RCR Infantry Veteran

“Ive been in therapy for 16 years. When I learned how my nervous system worked it was like a huge light bulb turned on. As an Infanteer, once I understand something I can process it and start to deal with it.”
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