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Gary F., 36 year RCMP Sgt (retired) veteran

“Doug is a proud Canadian veteran with combat experience and understands the ultra high stress situations faced by military and law enforcement. He also understand the total weight of our experiences.”

Jordan K. Paramedic, NS

“The basic building blocks I needed in my recovery are what I initially learned from Doug. Thank you for teaching me how to breathe.”

Bernard G., R Psych, Clinical and forensic Psychologist, NB

“Because Doug is an experienced combat veteran who has acquired complex and advanced education and specialized training, he is a unique resource for veterans, first responders, and all members of the general public.”

Derek S., 22 years RCR Infantry veteran

“Ive been in therapy for 16 years. When I learned how my nervous system worked it was like a huge light bulb turned on. As an Infanteer, once I understand something I can process it and start to deal with it.”
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